My Vitamin Selection!

My Vitamin Selection!

I added Turbo Power Super Immunity containing 72 iconic trace minerals, 46 vitamins, enzymes, herbs and super nutrients with Aloe Vera, Noni, Maqui Berry and Acai, +17 powerful antioxidants OPCs.

Vitamin C (with rose hips) 1,000 mg (250 count)!

Magnesium – 400 mg (250 count)!

Super Vitamin B Complex – (250 count)!

Resveratrol (plus red wine extract) 350 mg (30 count)!

Super Omega-3 Krill Oil – 350 mg (60 count)!

MSM – 1,000 mg (90 count)!

Niacin – 500 mg (NO FLUSH FREE) (120 count)!

Zinc – 50 mg (200 count)!

Beet Root – 1,000 mg (90 count)!

Selenium – 200 mcg (100 count)!

Ginkgo Smart (60 Liquid Soft Gels)!

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